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What the Health, What the Heck?


My name is Tracey Neale, and  I am a former broadcast journalist turned adoptive mom of wonderfully precocious 11-year- old twins.  One evening while grieving the loss of their beloved grandfather to a hard-fought illness, we turned on Netflicks, hoping to find an entertaining escape. Instead, what sucked us in and changed our lives, was a daring documentary called, What The Health? And it left us saying, "What the heck?" Having spent two decades being a journalist often covering health issues, I thought I knew all about meat production and dairy. I even visited animal auctions and a slaughterhouse. But, boy was I wrong about the extent of my knowledge.  After two uncomfortable hours, my curly haired daughter turned to her meat-loving mom and said, "So, do you think we can do it?"  Of course, the "it" she was referring to was going vegan. The direct result of what we had just learned about meat, milk and cheese production.  Her twin brother and I hesitantly agreed, and our amazing vegan adventure towards longevity and our best health was underway. Along with providing adequate nutrition, my main hesitation was - taste!  Our meals had to be as savory, herbaceous and flavorful as they were before.  Unfortunately, nobody warned us about the unsocial side effects that hit you in the beginning.  So, I started this blog to share everything - all of the ups and downs of our journey.
That's our story, what's yours?

It's the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, and I am sitting in my office working, and  each time I look up, I see a lovely Thanksgiving dinner invitation from my Aunt. But instead of making me eager with anticipation, it's causing me a bit of angst. The invite reads - delic...

The other day when I was zipping through other vegan websites, I came across a dessert idea which included croissants. While it wasn't carb-friendly it looked great, but there was no recipe.The sweet treat jumped out at me because my 11-year old daughter has been longi...

Easy Vegan Meals for Lunch and Dinner: (left to right)

1.) Chick'n Strips with Mac & Cheese and Veggies
2.) Orange Chick'n with Veggie Spring Roll, Cauliflower Rice, Mango Slices w/ Red Peppers and Raw Spinach
3.) Pizza Pocket (quick bite that kids can make themselves...

Darn! I've Done it again, buying a product that I thought was vegan, only to get home and discover that there are hidden animal by-products in them.
While I'm not trying to be a vegan perfectionist, I do wish products were more clearly labeled.  Wholefoods advertise th...

Have you heard? It seems McDonald's going vegan. In Southern Finland anyway.
And while we are not a fast food family, I have to admit that I got little-excited hearing the news.

The new menu option being introduced is called the McVegan. It's a soy-based burger, and a...

Our Journey Begins

I'm willing to sacrifice a lot on this vegan journey towards weight loss and our best health, but not everything.  After my daughter suggested we give the vegan diet a try, I knew the biggest hurdle I'd face would be taste.  I cook for our household -...

26 Sep 2017

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26 Sep 2017

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24 Sep 2017

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5 Apr 2016

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November 3, 2017

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