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Even Mickey Dee's is Doing it!

Introducing the McVegan

Have you heard? It seems McDonald's going vegan. In Southern Finland anyway. And while we are not a fast food family, I have to admit that I got little-excited hearing the news. The new menu option being introduced is called the McVegan. It's a soy-based burger, and according to The Food & Wine, the plant-based patty, comes with a vegan McFeast sauce - whatever that is, along with mustard, pickles, onions, lettuce, tomatoes on a sesame seed bun. Kind of makes you want to sing a little jingle doesn't it? According to National Post, the taste tests got underway, last week and will run through November 21, giving the Finnish consumer enough time to sample the McVegan and offer feedback. Nation Post goes on to say that a spokesperson for McDonald’s told TODAY that the meatless burger “is limited to McDonald’s Finland and there are no current plans for change.” But, common sense tells me that if the McVegan proves successful with Finnish folks, you can bet we may see the McVegan rolling out in more cities sometime next year. As for the famous fries served on the side? It's believed that in Finland, they are vegan too, cooked in vegetable oil. But take note, according to the Daily Meal, the McDonald's fries currently sold in the US, contain hydrolyzed milk and are not vegan. While vegans may only make up a small percentage of the meatless market, it's hard to believe that the fast-food giant would take such a bold step, without evidence that those numbers are growing. McDonald's, now in its 62nd year is building on that veggie patty which it began offering in Northern India a few years ago, opening the chain's first completely meatless outlet in 2013. The limited feedback on the McVegan? So far, so good.

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